Decoding Seattle city vibes behind Airbnb’s listing data


What are the top contributors to listing price in Seattle?

There are a lot of features to start with, even after some major chopping off, after data wrangling there are still 60 features. Visualisation is a good way to explore.
For example, below is a heat map with each cell’s colour indicating the degree to which two (numerical) features are correlated. The target is mean_price, so fix your eyes in the last column, and then check the colours bar and the vertical labels.
Corresponding to the boxes with warmer shades in the right-most columns, are features like accommodates, number of rooms and beds, and the cleaning fee.

  1. More people can be accommodated
  2. Extra cleaning fee
  3. In more expensive neighbourhoods, and Top 3 are: Downtown > Queen Anne > Capitol Hill
  4. More bathrooms (sure, bathrooms comes in order if the house already has a few bedrooms)
  5. Entire apartment for rent
  6. Availability(flexible booking dates)
  7. If the host has more listings in hand(this may indicates the listing is better taken care of or more comfortable)
  8. Higher review score of the listing

The price predictor using machine learning model (Ridge Regression)

What types of listings have higher review scores?

Higher listing review score means that the occupants had enjoyed their stay here, for which the host can ask for a better price, and it is likely to attract more orders in the long term. So the hosts better start taking notes now.

  1. Host is more responsive (higher response rate and less response time)
  2. There are more amenities(fridge, parking, aircon etc, you name it) in the house
  3. Central area
  4. Certain property types(you can get 100 score for listing a YURT! Or for less bungalows will do)
  5. Private room type
  6. Flexible cancellation policy
  1. University district(bad choice but the students keep coming?)
  2. Certain property types, such as dorm and chalets
  3. Shared room type
  4. Strict cancellation policy

How does the price change over one year?

Combing the calendar and listing data, the monthly trend charts of Seattle’s listing price are drawn below, with each neighbourhood a different colour.

What are the busiest times of the year to visit Seattle?

Using the reviews dataset, the visiting volume to Seattle using homestay is estimated. Below is a graph showing monthly (estimated) volume of guests visiting Seattle.


Let’s recap the key points again:
1. Seattle’s Airbnb listing price is mostly determined by the size of the house, fees and neighbourhoods.
2. User’s experience is mostly determined by the hosts’ attitude, and followed by amenities, location and house types.
3. In July, Seattle’s Airbnb listing is most expensive.
4. Seattle is most visited in August, except Capitol Hill, where May and July are the peak season.

Novice data scientist, love to learn.

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